Who do I tell

Herzog herzog at frontiernet.net
Sun Oct 14 04:06:56 BST 2007

Who can I tell my bug discoveries to so my wining gets to the right
UBUNTU guy(s) who could help fix them.?

I use Ubuntu and Orca, which came on my new Dell 1420 Laptop.

I have been getting updates, I don't know whether thru Dell,  Ubuntu, or ???
So far they have been useful.  But to whom can I tell the changes that
are bad, or still needed?

For instance, now there is no way I know of to shut Orca off.
You wonder why I would want to!!
The answer is that in Thunderbird, when I try to send mail, a box asks
for THE My password, which is the one for the ISP.
If ORCA is off, it will work, and I can send mail, or receive mail.; and
I can check the box that says remember this password.
I am sighted; a blind person could never cope.
Now I can only cope by removing ORCA, signing on, remembering the
password being checked, and then reinstall Orca.

Actually I don't cope, I just use my windows XP machine and JAWS, which
works with thunderbird fairly well, but not yet good enough for a blind
person, (my wife) to use. She uses Eudora.

I suspect that ORCA or maybe it is only the  echo part of it, 
interacting, that might causes other boxes, maybe not only passwords, to 
fail  Wil Herzog

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