orca on the live cd

Lubos Pintes lubos.pintes at orangemail.sk
Fri Oct 12 08:28:16 BST 2007

I tested Live CD from October 10 with following results:
Atleast on my notebook, there is, I suppose, collision between sound 
playing and Orca speech. Ubuntu on my laptop works, but with these problems:
- It is certainly impossible to do eg. installation simply by clicking 
on the install icon.
- When Orca is speaking and some other app tries to play some sound Orca 

Mike Reiser  wrote / napísal(a):
> Haven't checked yet, hope it's fixed by release as I want to test the new 
> ability to do admin tasks.
> Mike
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>> Hi, release is coming soon. Has there been any progress on getting orca 
>> working on the live CD, or is this one going to be left this way.
>> Mike.
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