Sight Village Project

Ian Pascoe ianpascoe at
Sun Oct 7 17:13:47 BST 2007

Hi all

In conjunction with the UK Ubuntu Loco Team, we are proposing to have a
stand at this exhibition next year.


There is a lot of preparatory work that needs to be covered off.  In
particular are the construction of the "How To" guides.  To this end I have
two immiediate questions:

A.  Is anyone aware of a convertor that exists to convert documentation
produced by Open Office that will enable it to be printed on a brail printer
with level 1, non conctatenated, brail support?

I am using the Ubuntu Accessability and Orca content pages to provide my
background for these documents, and although obvious can I check that:

B.  To set up a brail display from either a Live CD or current Ubuntu
installation, the display needs to be attached during the setup process?

In addition, if there are any centralised content owners for these two
sites, and to avoid traffic on the list, would they mind contacting me
directly off line?  This is to ensure that we have a two way communication
to cover off any potential ambiguity and to advise on the content of the
final documents  produced.

I hope to share these guides with the community prior to the event to ensure
that there are no blufers, and then have them hosted for use by the
community as a whole.

Many thanks


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