Comments on the Alternate Install CD

Simon Bienlein s.bienlein at
Sat Oct 6 19:16:19 BST 2007


I installed Ubuntu with the Alternate Install CD. I pressed F6 and typed
in the following:
install brltty=ht,ttyS0,de

The braille display was noticed and the instalation went on without any
problems. But as I rebooted again I realised that I couldn't get BrlTTY
started. That is because the parameter was set wrong in the file

It would be good if the parameter could be set on yes when Ubuntu is
installed with a brailledisplay. Would it be possible to give this wish
to the developers?

I can't setup orca. The speech is talking for a short time but then it
crashes. This mistake is noticed with the Live CD aswell.

It would be good if these problems could be solved before the Ubuntu
release published.

Kind regards

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