reading tha about menus

Robert Cole rkcole72984 at
Sat Mar 31 18:10:48 BST 2007

Hello, Mike.

I cannot remember how it was in Feisty (I downgraded for now, but hope
to upgrade again soon), but in Edgy the default About GNOME opening
screen seemed like more of a slideshow, with text appearing and
disappearing.  As I recall, I was unable to copy the text from the
screen, so ti was more (in my opinion, but I may be wrong) of a
video-like presentation.  That may be why the text in the window is not
being read out loud to you.

I hope that this helps, and that (if my outlook is inaccurate) someone
corrects me if I am wrong.

Take care.

mike coulombe wrote:
> Hi, in the system I can read the about ubuntu,
> but when reading the about gnome all I hear is pain.
> Is there a way to read the information that is there,
> or is this a blank screen at this time.
> Mike.

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