Beta version of Feisty Fawn: problems with BRLTTY and Orca

Simon Bienlein s.bienlein at
Tue Mar 27 10:56:37 BST 2007


I tested the beta version with my Braille display that is connected to
the laptop via USB. BRLTTY was started and accepted the Braille display.
I wanted to switch to the virtual console with Alt+F1 in order to start
Orca. I was not shown a prompt. Thus, I switched to Gnome with Alt+F7
and pressed Alt+F2. Then, I entered orca and ran through the setup with
the voice output. Subsequently, I answered the question whether I would
like to logout with 'yes'. I did not hear a drumbeat and was not logged
out and in properly. As I acted on the assumption of a problem report I
pressed Enter. With Alt+F1 I was able to switch to the console, where,
however, I still was not shown a prompt.

It would be nice if this problem could be solved. At the moment it seems
like one cannot test Orca at all.


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