Questions regarding screen magnification using gnome-mag (Ubuntu 6.10)

Robert Cole rkcole72984 at
Thu Mar 22 02:45:34 GMT 2007

Hello, everyone.

Just a day ago I reinstalled Ubuntu Edgy because of wireless issues.
After solving the problem with wireless, I decided to upgrade Orca to
v2.17.92 and I updated gnome-mag-0.14.1 (I just saw that v0.14.3 was
available at the GNOME FTP site).  The Orca/gnome-mag source compiled
successfully without a hitch.  I tried to set the zoom factor boundaries
for top/bottom in Orca to obtain full-screen magnification, but I found
that it did not work.  This worked before when I had Orca v2.17.1 in my
previous Ubuntu Edgy installation.  Did I do something wrong?

During the compilation of both source files I did:

sudo ./configure --prefix=/usr (to override previous versions)
sudo make -----> for Orca
sudo make all -----> for gnome-mag
sudo make install

I just realized that I could solely use gnome-mag by entering options
into the command-line.  I used the following configuration:

magnifier -hmz 5.0

I realized, however, that the magnified portion was at the bottom of the
screen (with crosshairs).  Is there a way to invert the
magnified/un-magnified windows so that the magnified portion is at the
top of the screen?  And is there a way, via the command-line, to remove
the crosshairs?  ONce I figure this out I can then create a launcher for
the magnifier.

One more question (I apologize for the long e-mail), but I noticed that
there si a large white/grey space surrounding the desktop window (when
using gnome-mag via the command terminal).  Is this normal?

I think that once I can get this all figured out, I can finally
(permanently) move over to Linux.  gnome-mag has come a long way since I
started using it back in October last year; it si almost capable (if not
completely) of doing what ZoomText in Windows does.  I'm very grateful
to all of you working on this project.  Thank you.

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