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Kenny Hitt kenny at
Sun Mar 4 14:29:07 GMT 2007


Unless you are willing to upgrade to Feisty, apt-get won't help you with
Open Office, espeak, the gnome-speech espeak driver,  or gnome-orca.  If you stay with Edgy, you will need to
build from source.  There is an espeak package in Edgy, but it isn't
recent enough for your needs.  I run Feisty, so the espeak driver
already exists for me as a Ubuntu package.  I know there is a link with
instructions on how to get it working from source, but I don't have it
available here.

There isn't a Firefox 3 package in Ubuntu yet, so you will need to
download a nightly build from:


On Sun, Mar 04, 2007 at 07:17:53PM +0530, krishnakant Mane wrote:
> ok,
> so I need to install open office 2.2 on ubuntu 6.10 for best available
> accessibility is it right?
> if so then will just apt-get install get me the right version?
> and as of firefox 3 will I need to setup some thing in my system?
> till date I have mostly depended on apt-get so will I get the right
> firefox version for orca?
> and should I do apt-get install gnome-orca for the latest version of
> orca or is it needed to be compiled from source?
> I also get the impression that espeak works better with orca as far as
> the responsiveness is concerned.  if that is so can some one give me
> some steps to get espeak working with orca.
> I don't have espeak running on my machine right now but I tested it on
> windows and it seams to be very responsive.
> thanks,
> Krishnakant.
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