Please provide some updated details.

krishnakant Mane researchbase at
Thu Mar 1 14:13:42 GMT 2007

hi willi,
I am so happy to get such a positive response from you.
well I did not ask on the orca mailing list because I know that my
questions are too stupid for the linux geeks working on orca.
it was very kind of you to answer my questions so patiently and with
such positive frame of mind which I do have for orca.
talking about open office,
which version has the best accessibility?
I am particularly focusing on font information and attributes.
like in jaws I can hear bold on and bold off when I do those actions
on selected text.
in addition I can also get the size of the fonts and whether it is
bold or italics or underline etc.
so kindly tell me which open office version should I use.
I have the ubuntu 6.10 installation for my laptop.
further more I am wondering if we can have 6.06 work good some how with orca?
I am asking this because dapper is long time support and thus rock solid.
the other stupid question I keep on thinking and pondering about is if
I use firefox 2.0 with firevox plugin will it not be accessible enough
to read emails or just surff normal pages?
thanks again for your answers.

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