Please provide some updated details.

Willie Walker William.Walker at Sun.COM
Thu Mar 1 12:31:28 GMT 2007

Hi Krishnakant:

Sorry to hear about your frustrations with this.  Please join and 
participate in the orca discussion list at -- it's a nice 
community and we all work together in a friendly way to try to resolve 
problems. Asking questions early and often can help reduce frustration 
on your side, and can also give us time to address and resolve problems 
early in the release cycle.

With respect to your specific concerns, accessibility been unstable with 
recent GNOME releases.  We've been working very hard with the 
accessibility infrastructure and application developers to try to get 
these resolved for GNOME 2.18.    We hope the situation has been 
improved with this week's GNOME 2.17.92 release, but it might need one 
more release of the AT-SPI support (v1.17.2) which may not have made it 
into the GNOME 2.17.92 release.

OpenOffice access is doing well, and we keep making incremental 
improvements to it.  Please let us know which version of OpenOffice you 
are using - it might not be the latest one which contains accessibility 
enhancements from the OpenOffice team.

Firefox will continue to remain a bit of a struggle until the rewrite of 
the Firefox 3.0's AT-SPI infrastructure is complete.  Orca is doing OK 
with Firefox 3.0 nightly builds at this time, however, but it's not what 
I would call "compelling access."  A user can navigate around many web 
pages, but we (the Firefox and Orca teams) still have a lot of work to do.

I look forward to answering your specific questions and concerns on the 
Orca list.


Orca Project Lead

PS - My apologies if this e-mail is formatted poorly.  I'm working with 
a custom build of Thunderbird from Mozilla CVS and it seems to have some 
character extents calculation issues.

krishnakant Mane wrote:
> hello,
> I am so sorry to post on the wrong thread.  so I am posting with new
> subject line.  my email follows.
> I have been a passive listener on the accessibility issue so far.
> I am in the process of setting up the second foss based computer
> center for the visually handicap people here in India.
> In one of the states called karala, it has become the government
> policy to use foss based systems thus gnu/linux has become mandatory
> in every institution.
> well as of now we have had much trouble using orca and time and again
> need to switch back to emacspeak.
> while emacs and thus emacspeak is a great desktop at the command line
> it does have steep learning curve and if one has to take complete
> advantage of all the features in emacspeak they have to take lot of
> learning trouble which consumes lot of time.
> and then it is not a good thing to force every one to work on the
> command line every now and then.
> any ways coming to the point, I am wondering whether open office
> related issues have been fixt for the up coming version of orca and
> ubuntu?
> the main problems were responsiveness and font/ attribute identification.
> I had herd from a few people that firefox with firevox plugin worked
> well with orca but that never happened in my case.
> one of my colligue did use it but after some days when he updated orca
> and other little things in ubuntu it stopped working.
> so what will be the accessibility status of firefox with ubuntu 7.04?
> I really want to contribute my services to the visually challenged
> people for accessibility in foss because our government is ready to
> provide computers to blind students with 90% discount and the only
> condition is that they will require to use foss based solutions.
> I have been given the responsibility to see to it that things are
> working fine in all institutes in my state and that's the reason I am
> bothering all of you with my questions.
> thanks and regards.
> Krishnakant.

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