Team Meeting -- topic BUGS

Al Puzzuoli alpuzz at
Thu Mar 1 03:44:06 GMT 2007

Hi Henrik and everyone,

Unfortunately, I was unable to make the meeting today, but I wonder whether 
there was any discussion on the topic of the install procedure on the Live 

Yes, I probably sound like a broken record by now, and I'm sorry to keep 
harping on this single point, but it it would really make a huge difference 
both in terms of practical usability, and in terms of first impressions for 
new users if the installer could be accessible without requiring those 
esoteric settings in .orbitrc.  I  know that the implementation of the 
orbitrc is really a Gnome issue, but I wonder if a workaround could be 
devised, at least for ubiquity until the larger issue is resolved once and 
for all?

Thanks for any thoughts,


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