Version of Speakup in latest kernel

Garry Turkington garrys.lists at
Wed Jun 13 03:48:28 BST 2007


I'm in a bit of a transition period as I move several machines over to 
Ubuntu.  One is a VIA C3 box with no audio connection, I access it via 
Speakup using a Dectalk Express.

I was very pleasantly surprised to see the stock Ubuntu kernel comes with 
Speakup pre-built, that at a stroke will make my life much easier. 
However, due to interrupt changes in the 2.6.20 kernel the Speakup Dectalk 
Express driver was broken for a while.  Downloading the latest Ubuntu 
kernel sources it appears it's using Speakup from October 2006 - the 
Dectalk Express fixes went in with the April 13 commit this year.

So, are there plans for the stock kernel to update its included Speakup 
version to the latest CVS?  Years of rpmbuild has clearly rotted my brain 
as I have been encountering some ahem user error in trying to hand-update 
the sources myself and rebuild.  Or is this a question best aimed at the 
kernel list (assuming there is one)?


Garry Turkington
garry.turkington at

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