having problems booting

mike coulombe kb8aey at verizon.net
Tue Jan 30 02:16:16 GMT 2007

Hi, two things.
I got the latest feisty live CD and see the problem with it blowing up on the screen after choosing a keyboard type has been fixed.
However I am having a problem with grub.
I have two hard drives so the jumper settings may be the problem.
Grub starts to load and gives a error 21.
I have windows on one drive and oralux and ubuntu on the other.
I got the same message after installing oralux.
Also when I first installed windows it said there wasn't a compatible xp partition on the drive oralux and ubuntu are now on.
However it showed the size and even was able to delete and create a partition.
It just wouldn't use it.
does anyone know what error 21 from grub means.
Thanks Mike.
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