eSpeak - PPC architecture

Luke Yelavich themuso at
Sun Jan 21 04:31:56 GMT 2007

On Tue, Jan 16, 2007 at 02:30:33PM EST, Al Puzzuoli wrote:
> Hi Jonathan,
>   I tried the experiments you suggested.
> 1.> What text output do you get if you use the -x option, eg:
> >  espeak -x "hello"?
> Interestingly, I'm not getting any text at all.  When I do this, I'm 
> immediately dropped back to the shell with no output.
> > 2.  What happens if you send the speech output to a WAV file?
> Again, nothing useful.  I think eSpeak is actually creating an invalid wav 
> file.

I get the same behavior.

Jonathan, I have come to the conclusion that the phoneme data as well as 
dictionaries need to be rebuilt, to suit the architecture the package is 
being built on. I notice that the espeakedit package has the routines to 
compile the phoneme data, but unfortunately one has to have a GUI 
running to use the --compile flag of the binary.

Is it possible to separate out the phoneme compile routines to a 
separate binary, independant of any GUI libraries? If so, would you mind 
sending them to me, so I can use them to ensure all architectures ship 
with the correct voice and phoneme data?

I don't want to make espeak 1.18 packages available, until we have this 
sorted out properly.

Luke Yelavich
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