getting the gnome-speech eSpeak driver to build? (was, eSpeak v1.18 released, for use with Orca/GnomeSpeech)

Al Puzzuoli alpuzz at
Mon Jan 15 01:46:49 GMT 2007

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks very much for this!

The good news is that the new makefile did exactly what it was supposed to 
do, and after a make, make install, I got everything compiled and put where 
it should go.

However, at least on the PPC architecture, there appears to still be a 
problem.  If I attempt to test Espeak via the command line, I get the 
Bad data: '/usr/share/espeak-data/en_dict'.  This was actually happening to 
me before I upgraded  to 1.18, and I was hoping that building the new 
version would resolve the issue.  I completely removed the 
/usr/share/espeak-data directory, and let the make install recreate it; 
However, the error still persists.

I have an I386 machine, and on that machine, I've tested both Espeak 1.5, as 
well as the newer 1.18, and neither exhibit this issue.


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