getting the gnome-speech eSpeak driver to build? (was, eSpeak v1.18 released, for use with Orca/GnomeSpeech)

Willie Walker William.Walker at Sun.COM
Sun Jan 14 00:19:58 GMT 2007

Hi Al:

I put Gilles's gnome-speech driver in the gnome-speech SVN trunk, and
I'll do a gnome-speech 0.4.8 release with it for GNOME 2.17.90 (GNOME
2.18.0 Beta 1) a week from tomorrow.  If people can give this a try
before Friday and let me know of successes or issues, it would be great.

Here's what I did to get it to work - it took about 15 minutes:


Download from and
unzip it. 

Type these commands to get the espeak stuff in well-known locations:

cd espeak-1.18-linux
sudo cp -rp espeak-data /usr/share/
sudo cp shared_library/ /usr/lib/
sudo cp shared_library/speak_lib.h /usr/include/
sudo ldconfig


In the top-level gnome-speech source directory, type these commands to
build/install gnome-speech with espeak (assuming you've pulled the
gnome-speech from svn at revision 267 or greater, though 267 currently
is the highest revision right now):

./autogen --prefix=/usr
sudo make install

I also ran test-speech to make sure it worked - it did.  Gilles made
this really easy for me to integrate into gnome-speech.  Thanks very
much Gilles, and thanks very much Jonathan for creating eSpeak and for
being receptive of Gilles's mods.

Note that the gnome-speech driver depends upon the libespeech library,
which has a dependency on libportaudio0.  I already had libportaudio0
installed on my Ubuntu box, so I didn't run into any issues.

Hope this helps, and thanks again everyone.


On Sat, 2007-01-13 at 17:09 -0500, Al Puzzuoli wrote:
> Hi all,
> First of all, many,  many thanks to both Gilles Casse and Jonathan 
> Duddington for making this happen!
> Is there a parameter that needs to be passed to the autogen script to cause 
> the Espeak driver to be built, or should the presence of Espeak be 
> autodetected by gnome-speech?
> I think I have Espeak 1.8 installed correctly, as I'm able to get it to 
> speak system wide when I issue the espeak command; However, the gnome-speech 
> driver is not being built.
> Thanks in advance for any tips,
> --Al
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> Subject: eSpeak v1.18 released, for use with Orca/GnomeSpeech
> > Version 1.18 of the eSpeak synthesizer is now available at:
> >
> >
> > This version includes changes made by Gilles Casse which allow it to be
> > used with a GnomeSpeech driver which he has written.  This should give
> > better results when using eSpeak with Orca and other Gnome applications.
> >
> > I'm not sure whether Gilles has announced his GnomeSpeech driver for
> > eSpeak yet.  He may be waiting for me announce this 1.18 version first.
> >
> > Please report any problems, in case there is time to fix them before
> > the cut-off date for Ubuntu Feisty.
> >
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