using espeak instead of festival

Joshua Lambert josh at
Sat Jan 6 07:17:28 GMT 2007

Would it be possible to switch from festival to the espeak software synth 
on the live cd?  Festival and gnome-speech are two performance killers, 
and festival is huge.  Meanwhile, espeak is small, fast, and very 
understandable.  There is a speech-dispatcher backend for orca to allow 
orca to recognize speech-dispatcher.  Seriously, when I use the ubuntu cd 
with my 2ghz processor, there is a noticeable delay between the time I 
press the arrow keys in a menu and the speech output.  On the other hand, 
using the orca/speech-dispatcher/espeak combination on my hd installation, 
speech is fast and responsive.  Btw, festival also yields slow 
responsiveness on the hd.

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