Orca Accessibility with System Admin Tools

Cody Hurst churst35 at verizon.net
Thu Jan 4 00:09:28 GMT 2007


  Actually there is an even easier way I have found. I stole it from the
idea of installing ubuntu. Rather than enabling the root account, open a
shell, switch to root (sudo su), killall orca, and then launch orca.
This will start orca as root. you won't have speech just yet, so press
ctrl+shift+t and type sudo su again so you become root. if you know the
command or program name of a program that needs to run as root type it
and press enter and orca will begin speaking the application. for

terminal tab one
sudo su
password: *******
then orca launches

terminal tab two
sudo su
password: *********
then gdm starts this is only example you could have launched something

  when you want to go back to user just press the ctrl+pgup keys in the
terminal (additional fn for laptops) and press control c and that will
kill orca

rerun orca by pressing alt+f2 and typing orca and you're back to where
you started...

On Wed, 2007-01-03 at 09:16 -0500, Willie Walker wrote:
> > I seem to remember from a posting back during last summer that it was
> > proposed that work should be done on Ubuntu's Admin tools to increase their
> > accessibility - has this started or been done?
> The work to make this happen is on going for GNOME 2.18 and requires
> modification to several components.  In the meantime, one way around
> this issue is to enable the root account, and to allow the root user to
> login to gnome. This can be accomplished as follows: 
> 1) Set a password on the root account:
>    sudo passwd root
> 2) Next, edit /etc/gdm/gdm.conf-custom and add the following line 
>    under the [security] section: 
>    AllowRoot=true 
> Reboot your system. Now, log in as root via a text console, and run orca
> --setup.  You're all done.  When you want to administer your system
> using GUI administration tools, you can now login to gnome as root and
> run orca.
> For GNOME 2.18, I hope the situation will be much better.
> Hope this helps,
> Will
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