eSpeak Problem: PaHost_OpenStream: could not open /dev/dsp for O_WRONLY

Jonathan Duddington jsd at
Sat Sep 30 16:46:12 BST 2006

In article <1159629438.5159.182.camel at chopin>,
   Hynek Hanke <hanke at> wrote:
> > 
> > vtatila at Sandbox:~$ ./speak "this is a test"
> > PaHost_OpenStream: could not open /dev/dsp for O_WRONLY
> > PaHost_OpenStream: ERROR - result = -10000

I can get that same error message if I speak a text file and then try
to speak from a second copy of the speak program.  So it can be due to
two programs trying to access the sound output.

Under the same conditions, the "play" program gives the error:
  Can't open output file /dev/dsp:    Device or resource busy.

> The eSpeak configuration file for Speech Dispatcher uses a binary
> like play or aplay to play the sound. So if either of these work for
> you and eSpeak is able to produce audio data (but not play them), you
> should be fine.

To test this, you can do:
  speak -w test.wav "this is a test"
  play test.wav

I think the "play" program is part of the "sox" package.  I'm not sure
about "aplay", it's on my system, but I don't know its package.

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