eSpeak package links broken for Edgy?

Luke Yelavich themuso at
Fri Sep 29 22:59:45 BST 2006

On Sat, Sep 30, 2006 at 03:22:13AM EST, Jonathan Duddington wrote:
> I noticed yesterday that if I search for
> "espeak" I see four related packages for Edgy (espeak, espeak-data,
> libespeak1, libespeak-dev), all at version 1.15.
> If I try now (a day later) to download these packages, the last three
> give "404-Not found", while the first gives an old version, 1.11.
> The new packages listed are in the database, but the files are not in
>  Has the release process gone
> wrong, or has the new version just not yet propagated through the
> system?

It has long been Debian and Ubuntu policy to pack shared libraries into 
their own package, and package any development files related to that 
library into another. So for this, we have libespeak1 and libespeak-dev. 
The espeak-data package contains all the voice related files that go in 
/usr/share/espeak-data. Espeak-data is needed by both libespeak1 and 

The first packages of espeak 1.15 that were uploaded lacked the 
dependency for the espeak-data package, which has been fixed in the 
latest package version, 1.15-0ubuntu2.

The best place to track packages is on the launchpad page at

The newest revision will eventually filter down through all other sites 
like, and the archive mirrors.

Hope this helps.
Luke Yelavich
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