help with package manager

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at
Thu Sep 28 14:54:10 BST 2006

Willie Walker wrote:
> As work progresses on the bug being tracked by the above, we may also be
> able to provide a better script for synaptic and the update manager in
> Orca.

We are preparing a simple hack to make Ubuntu Edgy installable with 
Orca. Normally Orca runs as the user 'ubuntu' on the Live CD and the 
installer as root, which stops them talking to each other properly until 
the fix Will refers to is introduced in Gnome 2.17.

To get around this we will make the installer check whether Orca is 
needed and if so launch it as root, which should Just Work. Chris Jones 
has also made an Orca script for the installer (ubiquity), which makes 
it behave fairly well/

We could extend the hack to other modules using sudo, but it's probably 
better to use root for now and then use the better solution in 2.17.


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