Very important question,still can't get openoffice work with orca

krishnakant Mane researchbase at
Mon Sep 18 19:25:26 BST 2006

hello henrik and other developres of this list.
this is probably the 4th time I am pointing this problem about openoffice.
I can't get the fonts attribute read out in openoffice word processor
and can't know what attributes or alignment I have changed/ set.
what is the problem.
am I doing some thing wrong?  is it a known bug and in the process of
being fixt?
I also tried burning cd with the cd burning program that starts when I
put a blank cd in my rw.
but orca did not read it.  what could be this problem.I may be stupid
since I am asking this.  but I did not get response on my previous
email about openoffice problems.
and yes one problem I pointed out was that after pressing num pad plus
for reading a document, the speech breaks at lines rather than
again is this a known bug?

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