query on accessibility of KDE with orca

krishnakant Mane researchbase at gmail.com
Sat Sep 16 08:56:01 BST 2006

hi henrik and other brillient people on the list.
I want to know what is the current status of KDE accessibility API.
I browsed the accessibility page for KDE but could not get any
relevant information.
I had already posted henric on this issue.  this is a bit urgent
because I am doing a presentation as I mentioned some time ago, for
accessibility on a nation wide base.
it will be done on Monday, 18th of september.  I want to know if there
is accessibility api built in with the KDE desktop.  I heard that
AT-SPI/ATK  is being ported to k desktop.  how well can this work?
how easy it is currently to build a screen reader for KDE? and how is
oarca shaping up in this context?
what is the current status on that??
I often read a lot of accessibility talk on the qt web site.  I am
basically a gnome user so don't quite know the insides of KDE.  but I
have the impression that KDE is built using qt? is that right?
if so then how much accessibility will be available if QT becomes accessible.
Please provide me some details as it will help me make visually
handicap  community understand that there is no fear in using linux
and more so ubuntu linux because it is leading as far as desktop
convinience and comfort of use is concerned.
secondly we are planning to start a screen reader project for kde and
will like to merge it with kubuntu.
so please provide some details.

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