Kernel Question

Keith Watson Kwatson at
Sat Sep 16 04:03:10 BST 2006

Hello List,

Just thought I would throw this out there to see if anyone else 
was experiencing the same thing. I did a dist-upgrade today and 
it upgraded my kernel from 2.6.17-6-686 to 2.6.17-7-generic. 
After I rebooted the system just hung. I blew away the splash 
line in menu.list in order to determine if there was an error, 
and my wife informed me that it was just sitting there at the 
booting operating system screen. I installed the 2.6.17-7-386 
kernel to see if that would make a difference, but saw the same 
behavior. My 2.6.17-6-686 kernel works fine. Anyone got a 


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