trouble with orca keystrokes when orca is run from a vertual terminal

Mike Pedersen Michael.Pedersen at Sun.COM
Fri Sep 15 17:31:35 BST 2006

Hi all, I've recently noticed a rather nasty problem with edgy.  I've 
noticed that if orca is started from a virtual console none of the orca 
specific keystrokes will work.  If I have orca start either on login or 
from the launch menu everything works fine.  I believe this has changed 
quite recently with a ubuntu update in the last 3 or 4 days.  Here are 
some steps to try if anyone else would like to reproduce this. 
First log into edgy and switch to a virtual console with for example 
CTRL+ALT+F1.  First export DISPLAY=:0 and then run orca.  You should 
find that no orca keystrokes such as the preferences menu or flat review 
will work.  If you have orca start on log in keys will work as expected. 
Do any of you on the ubuntu development side of things have any thoughts 
on this? 
thanks much

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