Edgy Eft installable with Braille display?

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at ubuntu.com
Fri Sep 15 10:12:53 BST 2006

Simon Bienlein wrote:
> Hi,
> Can the version Edgy Eft that is forthcoming in October be installed via
> BRLTTY? On <http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=246334>, Henrik
> describes the installation with a graphic installer. I am wondering
> whether there will be an installation based on text with a Braille
> display as well. This would be highly suggestive especially for the
> server version and will probably be feasible as IMHO Ubuntu is based on
> the Debian installer.
> The actual installation of the Debian installer works really well. At
> the moment, BRLTTY is not being installed here, which hopefully will be
> corrected soon.

Honestly we have not put as much effort into Braille display support for 
Dapper and Edgy as we perhaps should have. Partly because we've not had 
good access to braille displays.

For Edgy we will focus on the graphical install path with Orca and 
Ubiquity (the graphical installer) and hope to have some basic braille 
support via that route. BRLTTY is a bit complicated because some devices 
need special configuration. I'm already in communication with the BRLTTY 
maintainer and we will work at making BRLTTY-based installation smooth 
for Edgy+1.

The thing to realise about Edgy now is that we are already past 'Feature 
Freeze', which means I have to submit a well-founded application to the 
release managers ever for relatively small changes. So changes to the 
text-based installer are completely out of the question at this point.

It is however a good time to start planning features for Edgy+1 so that 
we can get some good-quality specs in place for the development summit 
in November. For one thing we need to think about how to best configure 
a wide range of braille displays in a Live CD environment. As many as 
possible should be auto-detected and there should be a reasonably simple 
way of configuring the rest.


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