[Bug 56452] Re: Edgy: at-spi Crashes frequently

Joanie j-diggs at comcast.net
Tue Sep 12 18:39:56 BST 2006

Hi Daniel.  Please forgive my ignorance/newbieness but....

The page you link to has you do the following:
1. Start GDB and attach it to the process that crashes
2. Continue the process
3. **When the process crashes** retrieve a backtrack of the crash

The problem I'm having is that the process doesn't crash **until I
reboot**.  It just keeps running.  Therefore, I do not see how I can use
this method to obtain the backtrace.

I did try rebooting into single-user mode figuring that I could do the
above and then launch X and hopefully get a backtrace that way.  But it
seems that at-spi-registryd doesn't get a PID until you launch GDM --
and by that point the crash has taken place.

The page you link to links to "Another useful how-to".  Bug Buddy never
appears with the at-spi crash, so I'm looking at "Obtaining a stack
trace using just GDB."   The section "Obtaining a stack trace for an
applet using just GDB" seems to be the relevant one.  I have tried the
procedure outlined there (using /usr/lib/at-spi/at-spi-registryd).  All
that does is cause at-spi-registryd to run and exit.  Nothing crashes.

So what am I missing/doing wrong?

I do want to help by getting a backtrace, but I'm afraid I'm going to
need more explicit directions.  My apologies, and thanks much in advance
for your help.

Edgy: at-spi Crashes frequently

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