Should i file a bug, or is this a known issue or am i missing something obvious?

Krister Ekstrom krister at
Mon Sep 11 16:45:27 BST 2006

Hi folks,
I'm running Ubuntu Edgy on an IBM Net Vista with a built-in Intel
Graphics card model 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV. The computer's got 512 Meg ram
and i run Linux on a 40 Gig hard drive.
The problem i'm having is that my desktop in Ubuntu is wobbly to say the
least. Every time i do something in any application, like pressing "ok"
after typing in a password for mail in Evolution or making a change in
any preferences dialog or ... do anything, Orca, or it could be the
whole system, i'm not sure, freezes and i can do nothing. The only
method i've found that helps is to totally reboot and start all over again.
Another thing that's strange, is that i can only run my system at a
color depth of 16 bits and the only resolution setting that's visible in
Gnome is 640x480. Does anyone using graphics programs today actually use
a resolution that low? I have tried to change the allocated video RAM in
the Xorg.conf but to no avail, i only get one resolution. Could these
two problems i've described be related in some way? Is this a known
issue or am i doing something wrong or should i file a bug on this. I
don't know if there's an error log of some kind and i can not seem to
get some dialog when the system hangs, so wonder what to do.
Sorry for these newbyish questions.

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