Screen magnification

Willie Walker William.Walker at Sun.COM
Sat Sep 9 13:11:10 BST 2006

Hi Aurelian:

The current magnification support for the Linux desktop definitely needs
some improvement, and there is work underway to provide this.  It hasn't
hit the streets yet, though.  I'm not part of that team, but we are
paying a little bit of attention to the work since we plan on using it
in Orca.

In addition, I notice you say Orca is pretty flaky.  It would help us
(the Orca team) greatly if you were more specific about what you meant
by "flaky".  Otherwise, it is difficult for us to know what problems you
are seeing.  In fact, the problems may be elsewhere in the system
(audio, base support, etc.), but we can't tell for sure until we have a
constructive dialog with you.

I encourage you to help become part of the solution by joining the orca
mailing list ( as well
as logging informative and specific bugs and feature requests for the
"orca" component at


(Orca project lead)

On Sat, 2006-09-09 at 12:31 +0300, Aurelian Radu wrote:
> Hello, list,
> <rant>
> I see a lot of talk about speech on this mailling list, but almost
> nothing about screen magnification. I recently installed Edgy Knot 2
> and I see Gnopernicus has been replaced by Orca. But the magnifier
> doesn't seem to work under Orca (which is pretty flaky itself). I
> reported a problem with memory usage in gnome-mag on this mailing list
> and on the GNOME accessibility mailing list. The maintainer doesn't
> seem to have time to fix this and I completely understand him. The
> xmcm project doesn't seem to make any progress - either that or they
> don't make announcements.
> I don't blame the devolepers that are working voluntarily in the free
> software community, but I can't help being disappointed by the fact
> that companies like IBM, Sun, Novell, Red Hat, Mandriva, Linspire and
> Canonical can't hire a few programmers to develop a decent, reliable,
> easy-to-use and light screen magnifier. I love to bash Microsoft, but
> they have a good magnifier since Windows 98.
> </rant>
> Thanks for bearing with this rant,
> Aurelian Radu

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