Keith Watson Kwatson at smed.yi.org
Thu Sep 7 18:59:19 BST 2006


I have recently switched to edgy in order to give orca a try. So 
far I am impressed and excited about it. I would still like to 
maintain my access to the console though and am looking to put 
speakup into my kernel. Typically I build my own kernels from 
kernel.org, but I have noticed that ubuntu patches their kernels 
and adds a lot of modules to them. I would like to stick with your 
kernel, but am not sure how to go about patching speakup into it. 
Is there any documentation available that describes this process? 
Or are there any plans to incorporate speakup into your kernels?

Thank you in advance for any help.


Among the major impediments to discovery are not the ignorant
but those with illusions of knowledge. - B. Alan Wallace

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