latest gaim can not get focus in edgy

Joanmarie Diggs j-diggs at
Sat Sep 2 22:48:42 BST 2006

Hi Mike.  I cannot confirm it.  As long as I don't use Alt F4 to close
gaim, but instead minimize it, I can always give it focus at subsequent
launches.  I believe I found where that value is set, however.  Take a
look it .gaim/prefs.xml  Find the line that contains list_visible.  When
I changed its value from 1 to 0 and restarted gaim, I saw the behavior
you described.

Hope this helps!

On Sat, 2006-09-02 at 10:59 -0700, Mike Pedersen wrote:
> Hi all, I have successfully been using gaim on an edgy install for the 
> last several days.  This morning I pulled the latest set up updates 
> which contained gaim 2.0 beta3.1 as well as gaim data.  After the 
> updates I can now start gaim and it is running but I am not able to give 
> it focus.  I have confirmed that the gaim process is indeed running.  I 
> had this problem several weeks ago pre not1 but haven't seen it in quite 
> a while.  Can anyone else confirm this behavior after updating today?  
> I'm assuming that it is a setting in one of the configuration xml files 
> in the .gaim directory but will need to look into this. 
> Mike

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