Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at
Fri May 26 13:35:33 BST 2006

Chris Jones wrote:
> I'm just posting an update on the progress of the 
> simple-onscreen-keyboard.
> I have nearly reached the first milestone.  Entry into other windows
> is possible, and a three key keyboard is rendered in cairo.
Wooot! Off to a flying start :)
> The only thing holding me up is trying to prevent the window gaining
> focus when it is clicked.  Could someone familiar with the GOK source
> code tell me how it manages it?
I'm not sure too many people on this list have hacked on GOK. David 
Bolter <david DOT bolter AT utoronto DOT ca> would be the best person to 
ask, or perhaps other people on the gnome accessibility list.
> I've been thinking of some ideas on how to handle the layout of keys
> on the keyboard.  One way of doing it would be having a pair of lines
> or 'rails', which could be curved or straight or whatever.  Keys could
> then be packed into the space between these rails, getting they're
> size and shape from the shape of the rails and the distance between
> them.
OK, sounds plausible. I had another crazy idea: Could the whole keyboard 
be stored as one or more SVG files? Then you could use Inkscape as the 
keyboard layout editor. That might make things much more complex though 
... ?
> This would allow us loads of freedom on the layout of the keys.  One
> example would be the pair of radial thumb keyboards that the
> 'ultra-mobile' version of Windows ships with. 
That sounds cool. The more flexibility we provide the better.

- Henrik

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