d-i accessibility for Edgy (was, Re: [Bug 13457] Re: Keyboard rate is not long enough for users withdisabilities)

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at ubuntu.com
Tue May 23 16:37:27 BST 2006

Al Puzzuoli wrote:
> Hi Henrik and all,
> I think the key to accessibility as regards any platform, including 
> d-i is the ability to offer options.  What will work well for one user 
> may not work at all for the next.  
Yep. Agreed.
> 3.  Brltty is already working  quite nicely with d-i.  Brltty 
> functionality was just recently added to d-i in Debian unstable, so, 
> what are the chances of  getting that functionality picked up by edgy?
Chances should be good if we spec it out properly. I wonder if d-i would 
work with Speakup as well?

- Henrik

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