Jack Lauritsen jack.lauritsen at gmail.com
Thu May 11 13:25:20 BST 2006

There is currently a discussion on the idea of a c core for ASOK. I think
this is the way to go, but maybe for slightly different reasons than have
been previously stated. Usually people say that c restricts portability, in
this case I disagree. Many of the systems this could be ported to will
differ at the level of graphics server. While the majority of the program,
if written in python, wont really care about what platform it's on, the
portion that generates the synthetic key event will be entirely platform
dependant. If we decide not to use GDK because it limits us to certain
applications, and use xlib to work directly with the server, then perhaps we
should extend that idea even further. xlib will lock us down to x. While I
agree that we should use xlib, I think it should be restricted to the core.
The core should have no purpose other than receiving a request to create a
keyEvent and recive the parameters to do so. It should not be tied down with
anything else. Then if you migrate the program to something other than an x
enviorment, you will only have to change that tiny little core to get your
base functionality again. It may be advisable to keep all of the proposed
extended features in ASOK as plugins/modules for the same reasoning.
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