Common AT config panel

Tomas Cerha cerha at
Tue May 2 15:45:16 BST 2006

Hynek Hanke wrote:
> I'd like to propose to move this thread to
> 	accessibility at
> so that it is not spread across several mailing list,
> people know where to post replies and we have an archive.
> The mailing list at Freedesktop currently has subscribes
> from a wide range of accessibility projects both from graphical
> desktops and from the console and is a place where also other
> similar points of cooperation are being discussed. I also
> invite everyone who is interested to join if he didn't do
> that already. It is a low-traffic list.
> More information is on

I just want to inform those, who are not yet subscribed to the
accessibility mailing list at, that I started a new
thread "Common Configuration Framework" which is closely related to the
topic of this thread.  See
for more information.

Best regards, Tomas Cerha

Brailcom, o.p.s.
Free(b)soft project
Eurochance project

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