Serious accessibility issue in Gnome 2.15.

Mike Pedersen Michael.Pedersen at Sun.COM
Mon Jul 31 18:50:49 BST 2006

Hi Al,
> I'm running Edgy with Gnome 2.15, and am experiencing major weirdness 
> in terms of accessibility when attempting to use it with Orca.
I am also running the latest ubuntu edgy with the latest orca and 
finding similar problems.  I've also reproduced our problems running 
gnopernicus.  It seems as though there is a serious problem with this 
version of gnome 2.15 which is independent of orca. 

> 1.  Focus in gaim seems to be messed up.  I was able to create one 
> account, a freenode irc account.  But now, after doing that, I can 
> never seem to bring focus back to the main buddy list window, as for 
> whatever reason, it doesn't seem to appear in the alt tab order.
I am also able to reproduce this problem which I actually reported at 
the beginning of last week.  It happens with both orca from CVS head and 

> 2.  Very strange things are happening in gnome terminal.  Orca tracks 
> live events well enough, but if I attempt to use flat review, it's all 
> over the place.  The read current line command seems to start at the 
> top of the window, rather than at the last location of the cursor.  
> Another oddity is that not all of the window is accessible via flat 
> review.  in other words, if my screen fills up with data, flat review 
> stops before actually reaching the last line on the screen.
> 3.  Open office writer is completely inaccessible.  Orca won't even 
> read the menu bar or the help dialog.  If I attempt flat review, all I 
> get is "panel".

I am also unable to read content with openoffice with this version of 
the desktop.  If this is a general desktop problem and not related to 
the particular edgy we are running this will be a serious regression 
from gnome 2.14. 

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