Simon Bienlein s.bienlein at gmx.de
Mon Jul 31 13:11:04 BST 2006

Hi Mike,

> Hi, is there now a download for edgy.
> I have seen a couple of posts that stated people are using it.
> If so can I get the daily download link.

In the article 'Ubuntu "Edgy Eft" nimmt Gestalt an'
www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/75729 (in German) the following mirrors
are mentioned:




I would also like to know whether one can install one of the three
images (Desktop CD, Server install CD, Alternate install CD) with a
Braille display. This should be possible especially for the server or
the alternate CD as these CDs use a less graphic installer and are also
executable with hardware that is a bit older.

Best regards, Simon

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