Happy patch bonanza

Milan Zamazal pdm at brailcom.org
Sat Jul 1 20:27:07 BST 2006

>>>>> "EZ" == Enrico Zini <enrico at enricozini.org> writes:

    EZ> By the way, is there a list of all free (as in speech :) festival
    EZ> voices?  In Debian we have:
    EZ>  - British English male
    EZ>  - Czech male (but not completely installable from Debian packages
    EZ>    because, if I understand correctly, of size)

The Czech voice is complete in Debian now.  The remark in
festival-czech/README.Debian is obsolete.

    EZ>  - American English male
    EZ>  - Finnish female
    EZ>  - Finnish male
    EZ>  - Castilian Spanish male

The Spanish voice contains some non-DFSG free part and is not present in
Debian (it's probably present in the non-free section of Debian

    EZ>  - Italian male
    EZ>  - Italian female

    EZ> All these voices use latin1 except Czech which uses latin2, and already
    EZ> reports the coding attribute.

    EZ> Other voices are easy to patch: see the attached patch for the Telugu
    EZ> voice.  Are there other free non-latin1 voices around?

You can look at http://festlang.berlios.de/languages.html.  The list is
"overcomplete" (it contains references to non-released voices too), but
you could probably find other free voices not listed above there.


Milan Zamazal

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