has speakup been added

Kenny Hitt kenny at hittsjunk.net
Wed Dec 20 22:14:50 GMT 2006


Speakup is already in the Ubuntu kernel.  I don't know when it was
added, but it was in the kernel when I first installed Edgy back in

The version in Feisty isn't the latest, but it works fine.  I'm using it
now since gnome-terminal will crash if I use Orca's review keys.


On Wed, Dec 20, 2006 at 08:40:41AM -0600, mike coulombe wrote:
> Hi,, has speakup been added to  the ubuntu kernel.
> I heard something about the possibility of it being added some time ago.
> Also has anyone tried lsr, if so have you gotten it to work.
> Orca stops speaking when ever I tell it to report a bug,
> but when ever I open lsr it crashes.
> I am using the first live CD of feisty, but have gotten all of the updates.
> I also found when I had a sighted person try to change settings in the package manager,
> it locks the system when they press apply and the changes are not applied.
>    One other thing, has anyone burned a CD. Orca works fine for putting the music on the hard drive,
> however when I put a blank CD in the CD recording software that comes up doesn't work as well.
> I can find tracks but it doesn't say if they are added or not. Is there a different peace of software that works better for writing a CD.
> Mike.
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