Mounting Windows partitions/discs from Gnome in Feisty?

Krister Ekstrom krister at
Fri Dec 15 11:38:01 GMT 2006

I'm almost embarrased to ask this, because i think it was discussed a
couple weeks ago, but i have just recently gotten Feisty to work so i
ask this question now.
I can see .desktop files in the Computer folder in Gnome that point to
my windows partitions, one with VFat and the other with Ntfs on them,
however when i try to open them nothing happens and when i try mounting
them the same result occurr. I open them as user, not root. What am i
missing and if there's a setting, where could i adjust it? I managed to
open the windows disk once, that is that's what i thought i did, but i
landed in my Linux file system. It's clear i don't quite understand this
one, so i'm thankful for any help and/or pointer to a document that i
can read.

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