eSpeak in Norwegian, part 1

Jan Claeys lists at
Mon Dec 11 17:01:15 GMT 2006

Op vrijdag 08-12-2006 om 15:38 uur [tijdzone +0000], schreef Jonathan
> I find it best to run the program and data in my home directory, so
> that I don't need to update files in /usr
>    /home/myuser/espeak-data    the data files
>    /home/myuser/bin/speak      the program file
> Actually my /home/myuser/bin/speak  is a link into my development
> directory where I compile the speak program. 

That's almost exactly how I installed it...   ;-)

One question about 'libespeak': why did you make it a C++ library, and
not a C library?  Its public API consists of structs, enums & functions
only, so I think it should be possible to make it callable from C
code[*], and most programming languages have facilities to call into C
libraries but not (easily) into C++ ones.

[*] as explained in <>

Jan Claeys

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