Screen Magnifier

Willie Walker William.Walker at Sun.COM
Thu Dec 7 16:46:35 GMT 2006

Hi All:

> I know that the Orca screen reader has support for driving the
> gnome-magnifier at present. I'm not sure what options are available
> for configuring it today.
> The next release of Linux Sreen Reader will also have support for
> using the gnome-magnifier by itself and with speech and/or Braille. We
> have mouse, focus, selection, and caret tracking working. We also have
> nearly all of the settings supported by the magnifier exposed in our
> configuration dialog, including color inversion.

>From Peter's description, it sounds as though Orca v1.0.0 and later have
similar support for magnification.

On a higher level note for those interested: the GNOME gnome-mag service
provides the actual magnification support for the display, and screen
readers such as Orca, LSR, and Gnopernicus typically just tell this
service the region of the screen to magnify and how to magnify it (e.g.,
zoom factor, color inversion, crosswire, etc.).

People with magnification feature requests (e.g., font
smoothing/substitution, smoother/faster scrolling, etc.) are welcome to
file RFEs against Orca.  Ultimately, however, the engineering work will
probably have to be done at the gnome-mag level.

As an aside, we welcome people filing problems reports and feature
requests on Orca in general.  We will then evaluate whether it's
something we can fix in Orca or if it's something that needs to be done
in a different component.  If it needs to be done in a different
component, we've taken the convention of prefixing the bug summary with
the string "[blocked]" and then opening a new bug in the other module.
We then tie the two together with the blocks/depends facility provided
by bugzilla.

SHAMELESS CALL FOR HELP:  With the "[blocked]"/blocks/depends
convention, Orca users end up with one place to shop for bugs/RFEs, and
we also give industrious people looking to help a place to start.  That
is, if you look at the Orca bug list, you will see that the majority of
the bugs are "[blocked]".  If you are a jack-of-all-trades hacker, you
can help us by trying to work on some of the "[blocked]" problems.
We'll like it, the component maintainers will enjoy the help, and the
fixes will benefit more than just Orca.

Orca Project Lead
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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