eSpeak in Norwegian, part 1

Cleverson clever9 at
Thu Dec 7 01:24:28 GMT 2006

Henrik wrote:
> in /usr/share I did:
> sudo mv espeak-data/ espeak-data-orig
> sudo ln -s /home/henrik/espeak/espeak-data/ espeak-data
> I'm sure someone can come up with a better way to do this :)

Every time I take a new version, I unzip eSpeak in my home directory and

cd /usr/share
rm -r espeak-data
cd ~/espeak-1.17k
mv speak /usr/local/bin
mv espeak-data /usr/share

BTW, I helped to develope the Brazilian Portuguese voice for eSpeak so
that today it's perfectly usable, though its rules are not perfect yet.

I have had problems on installing Ubuntu and on setting Speech
Dispatcher to work with eSpeak, and besides it, my time has been scarce
because I'm involved in some other projects.

Anyways, I'm very glad to read about the progresses and new ideas being
implemented by the Ubuntu Accessibility team.


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