[Bug 56452] Re: Edgy: at-spi Crashes frequently

Joanie j-diggs at comcast.net
Mon Aug 28 18:00:12 BST 2006

Since the behavior has been seemingly unpredictable, I took some time
today trying to reliably reproduce it.  Here's what I have come up with.
Not sure if it helps....

1.  Boot
2.  Launch Orca from the Applications menu
3.  Quit Orca with Insert Q

At this point Python crashes (attempted to get a backtrace -- attached).
90% of the time, At-spi-registryd does not immediately crash (no dialog;
nothing appearing in /var/crash).  The other 10% of the time it does.

4.  Reboot

at-spi-registryd crashes (log appears in /var/crash).

I can reliably reproduce this on two machines.

Edgy: at-spi Crashes frequently

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