Is that a Ubuntu in your pocket? (was, Re: Edgy Accessibility features)

Al Puzzuoli alpuzz at
Sun Apr 23 04:28:25 BST 2006

Hi all,
Seeing as we're brainstorming, I just thought I would throw this out for 

Over the past year, we've seen a trend in the windows world of screen 
readers towards portable thumb drive based solutions.  Plug your thumb drive 
into any windows based PC, and your screen reader is ready to go, no 
installation required-- well, except for video intercepts and things, but I 
guess that's another story.

Anyway, at least in theory, that concept is pretty cool, but why not take it 
a step further?  How about a pocket sized, thumb drive based distrabution of 
Ubuntu, complete with accessibility?  This would mean that one could 
basically carry their entire system with them, all their data, their 
prefered access solution, etc, plug their thumb drive into any pC that could 
boot from USB, and presto!  Instant accessibility and complete comfort on 
just about any machine.

I don't exactly know what logistics would be involved in such a project, but 
seeing as a live cd already exists, I would think something along these 
lines might not be out of the relm of possibility.


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