Live CD with AT features: first test

Henrik henrik at
Fri Apr 21 09:32:13 BST 2006

Luke Yelavich wrote:
> Again, I missed a few things here and there, and some typos. Thats what 
> you get when you are under a little time pressure to get something in 
> ASAP after feature freeze. :)
I do remember that being a bit hectic :) I must say you've done an 
amazing job putting this stuff together though, Luke. Three cheers for Luke!
> As for zoom, that is an easy fix. However, I am just about ready to give 
> up on trying to get gnopernicus to play nice with magnification window 
> values. It simply will NOT pay attention to the default settings that 
> are given in the gconf schema file included with the package. 
If you can send me some details (the gconf settings used) I can contact 
upstream and see if they can be of any help.
> One of the problems with this whole thing is that it is not possible to 
> determine the display size of the user's screen, and set according to 
> that. 
Right, that might need some fresh parsing code (to read xorg.conf), 
which may not be worth it since magnification seems likely to change 
greatly soon. However, almost anything seems better than the current 
default. Where is it getting it from, can we hard code something 
different? I'd be comfortable with assuming a 1024x768 monitor at this 
point and setting the window on the lower half of that. Should work 
fairly well for most as a start.
> Once we get all the settings worked out, I intend to put Espresso 
> through its paces with speech, just to see whether everything is 
> accessible.
Yep, that needs testing. I ran it through at-poke yesterday. It does 
contain the text strings, but beyond that I don't really know what 
information it should present or how. None of the window elements had 
any descriptions associated with it.
> Most of which are my typos. :) I would like to only have to push one or 
> two more revisions through, including one with the appropriate 
> background colour and cursor size set. 
Cool, rock!

- Henrik

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