Live CD with AT features: first test

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at
Thu Apr 13 11:58:58 BST 2006

Finally the AT stuff has landed on the standard live CD! Yay!

I did a quick test of the 5 different modes. The packages seem to be 
there but some tweaking will be needed.

== High contrast mode ==

  * It starts up directly with HC icons
  * However it's not using the full HC theme
   * It should have a large font and HC widgets
  * We should select a plain background
  * Some icons are missing (known issue)

The full HC theme is actually installed and can be activated with a few 
clicks, so it should be a minor configuration issue.

== Magnifier ==

  * It is installed, but not enabled by default
   * You have to enable it an log out+in, then it works
  * It has 8x zoom by default; I think we agreed to go with 4x?
  * It has the poor standard magnifier placement of 320, 0, 639, 479
   * I think we agreed to place it at the bottom of the screen

After tweaking the setup a bit, it seems to run well, following the 
cursor and all that.

== Screen reader ==

  * Installed, but not activated by default (as above)
  * More seriously, I could not get it to speak
  * ESD is disabled as it should be

== Keyboard enhancements ==

  * Starts up on boot and works perfectly as expected
  * It would be nice to also add the key modifier notification panel applet

== On screen keyboard ==

  * Won't start -- from the terminal it crashes with an error
  * It runs fine on my installed dapper system though, so there is hope

== Other ==

  * Dasher is also installed by default
  * Espresso seems to work well with the HC theme; I did not test it 
with the other tools

I'll write this up more properly later in the wiki and start filing bugs 
and looking for solutions ...

  - Henrik


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