[Bug 26995] Re: brltty: Does not support USB for Alva devices - please upgrade

Mike Pedersen Michael.Pedersen at Sun.COM
Wed Apr 5 00:23:03 BST 2006

Hi Luke,
> After checking both the dapper version and the Debian Sid 
> version of brltty, it appears that the newest version in 
> Debian is a new upstream release. I am wondering whether this 
> would simply be better to sync to the latest Debian release?
This seems logical it would also make sense to update the configuration
script to include the new configuration script to include the latest
supported displays and devices.  If you want me to test any packages just
let me know.  
Thanks for the quick response.  Also, thanks for creating the gnome-orca
package.  It's really great to see people trying and giving feedback on
where we are so far.  

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