Accessibility feedback

Kevin Cole kjcole at
Wed Nov 30 18:40:16 GMT 2005

Thor halvorsen wrote:
> Sure, will try it out. One great feature would be a linux clone of some
> of the captioning subtitle programs out there in windows.
> Another feature is visual alarms that flash the screen and also a tty
> emulator so they can send and receive calls via computer as opposed to
> phone bills. Another idea is more webcam drivers and programs for video
> chats and conferencing (with excelleration enhancing software?).

Visual alarms are there... at least some are.  There's an accessibilty
setting, where you can turn on "visual bell".  Also, some programs have
the option of using sound or a pop-up window to indicate stuff. (A lot
of that in KDE.)

But it's good feedback: If you didn't find it, then it means we need to
make it easier for people to find.  And who knows?  It might end up as
question while installing the OS, so that features can be turned on from
the start...

Captioning: Do you mean something that would allow people to add captions?
If you mean for DVD playback, xine has a closed-caption feature, written by
our very own Christian Vogler.  I think the ogle DVD player has it also.

[Note to all: Closed-captions are NOT the same as subtitles. Also, Christian
is a deaf Ph.D. working on computer recognition of sign language.  Interested
in promoting Linux use among deaf folks, but rather over-worked, and grant
supported, so he doesn't have any volunteer time at this point.]

> That help ? I wll join those groups, and join that meeting dec 7th.

Great.  See you then.

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