Jason Grieves jasongrieves at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 7 23:25:22 GMT 2005

>Jason Grieves wrote:
>>What are the chances of making this accessible to low vision and mobility 
>>impaired users?
>By 'this' I presume you mean the installer?
>I want to try to identify very clearly what components and features we are 
>actually talking about here so we can set realistic priorities. We should 
>separate out issues relating to d-i (which will mainly be used for Live-CD 
>boot and server install in the future) and UbuntuExpress. I will start a 
>page at UbuntuExpress/GnomeUserInterface/Accessibility where we can list 
>the key requirements for that.
>Also, we are generally power users, and so installation is an important 
>issue, because we install a new system every 6 months or even twice a day 
>for testing purposes. However, the future of Ubuntu may well be on 
>pre-installed systems, in which case the daily-use tools are more important 
>to a much larger group. If we can make these tools better, they have a 
>greater chance of being installed by default.
True but can't that argument be used for not even worrying about speakup in 
the kernel?
>Speech and magnification are again completely different technical issues. 
>They are combined in tools like Gnopernicus because they are often used by 
>the same group. If we want to focus on better magnification, then I think 
>we should write up a separate plan for that. (I believe Daniel has already 
>started working on building gnome-mag with XDamage, yay!)
Yes, but my point was if we are going to make an installation accessible you 
have got to make it accessible to all disabilities, imo, if possible.  
Perhaps if speakup is easy to use, those w/o screen reader experience can 
use it.  You are probably right, take it 1 step at a time.  Just trying to 
represent us low vision people here :).  It kills me when i I have to watch 
my friend Steve try to install linux because the dang font is so small.

>>1) low vision.  [snip]  Shortcut keys?
>Hm, it didn't occur to me that that keyboard shortcuts were as important to 
>low-vision users, but that makes sense.
Yep going from 1 top of  the screen to the bottom in like 4x mode full 
screen magnification takes alot longer than say alt+tabbing :)
>>2) Mobility Access.  If everything is keyboard accessible I think that 
>>will help a lot.  Obviously the current install is, but chances of 
>>implementing something else?
>So I think we should focus on Ubuntu Express since it's now being actively 
>developed. I'll start a page now. Please add to it (and help keep it 
>clear), and then we should track the development carefully. When will the 
>first testable versions be out, anyone?
OK sounds good to me.  I haven't looked into Ubuntu Express much, I guess I 
need to start investigating
>- Henrik

Great meeting today everyone.


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